John Michael McCarthy as Cartoonist and Conceptualizer.

JMM was first published in Quasimodo’s Monster Magazine in 1975. He then pursued fan art in the pages of the Buyers Guide for Comic Fandom and had letters published in comics such as World’s Finest, X-Men, and Fast Willie Jackson.

JMM’s professional comic work began in 1987 with “Cadavera” as a back-up feature in MR. MONSTER, Michael Gilbert’s Dark Horse comic. JMM then pencilled and inked the lead feature in seven issues of Apple Comics BLOOD OF DRACULA (87-89). This lead to CADAVERA fighting DRACULA in BIG BAD BLOOD OF DRACULA (1990). JMM and writer George Cole pitched KID ANARCHY to Fantagraphics and had a three issue run ending in 1993. A fourth script was never drawn. JMM wrote and drew one shot issues of BANG GANG and SUPERSEXXX for EROS comics and two issues of CADAVERA for Monster. There were also JMM contributions in AMAZING HEROES SWIMSUIT issues and the Dallas Fantasy Fair JACK KIRBY TRIBUTE TO THE KING and various zines.

JMM’s last comic HELVIS was never completed, though many pages were published in the Portugese magazine CRU in 2001.

By this time JMM was designing flyers and drawing records covers for Estrus, Sympathy for the Record Industry, and local Memphis bands like IMPALA and the COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS. Some of this work can be seen in “Fistful of Soundtrack Art” published by Dark Horse in 2007. JMM pencilled, inked and water-colored various SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO jackets.

JMM continues his first passion by creating storyboards for his movies and others (“PEOPLE VS LARRY FLYNT and A PAINTED HOUSE) and music videos. He has kept a sketchbook every year since 1988. These sketchbook selections offer a glimpse into JMM’s 2008 sketchbook as he prepared notes and sketches for his feature film CIGARETTE GIRL. Currently JMM plots his return to graphic novels.